Lesson 1: All About Posture

How to Develop the Proper Posture for Singing?

It’s easy to think that singing begins and ends with your vocal cords, but by now you know that’s not true! Proper posture plays just as important of a role. Without it, you can’t breathe correctly and your beautiful singing voice is muffled.


Head Position

Keep your head level, with your chin parallel to the floor. Your chin should be back a bit so that your neck is straight.

Arms and Hands

 Keep your arms and hands at your sides. They should stay relaxed, with a small space between your hands and your body.

Chest and Shoulders

Keep your chest high and your shoulders back and down. They should remain relaxed. Don’t push them so far back that they are strained.


Your hips should stay directly below your torso for maximum support. Make sure not to thrust your hips forward or back.


Keep your abdomen flat, but firm. It should also be expandable so that you can breathe properly using your diaphragm. 

Knees and Feet

Your knees need to stay loose. Make sure to never lock them up. Locking them restricts blood flow and can actually cause you to faint.

 Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with one slightly in front of the other for better balance. Lean the weight of your body slightly forward.