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 4-6 yrs (Reception - Year 2)
Saturday 11-12 p.m 
 7-9 yrs (Year 4 - Year 6)
Saturday  1- 3 p.m (2H)

Musical Theatre

About Musical Theatre


 The Musical Theatre IN'RHYTHM began its career in February 2016 with the aim of supporting Russian speech. 

 Russian productions based on classic children's stories that are express Russian culture and traditions so children are having fun learning about the traditions of Russian culture and enriching vocabulary, also improving their speech and reading skills.

The theatre studio staged such performances as "Masha and the Bear-2016", Musical Performance "The Wolf and the Seven Kids - 2017", Musical Performance "The Adventure of Buratino - 2017", Musical Performance "Tsokotukha Fly - 2018". Musical Performance "Peter Pan" -2018, Christmas performance "In some kingdom"- 2019, Musical Performance "Dunno from our yard"-(Neznayka s nashego dvora) unfortunately was cancelled due to COVID-19  - in march 2020.