Lesson 6: Quick Warm-Up Routine

Do vocal warmups before singing!

It is vital that you warm up your voice before singing, and there are a variety of exercises to suit all ages, vocal ranges and levels of experience. Always ease into your exercises by first warming up your facial muscles—loosen your lips and jaw muscles by blowing through your lips, sticking out your tongue as far as it will go, massaging your face and sighing musically.


Don’t be afraid to make some noise as your warm-up. Let your voice wander up and down its range. Then move on to humming, or perhaps do some gentle lip rolls or tongue trills. Only once you feel like your face, mouth and voice are loosening should you start singing actual notes. The whole process should take between 10 and 20 minutes (and don’t skimp.).

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1. Lip Roll. 

The muscles involved with exhalation prepare them for the controlled breathing required by singing. Keeping your lips pressed together, push air through them to create the sound we associate with being cold: brrrrrrrrr!. Move through your scales in this manner.

2. Tongue Trill. Tongue trills help to loosen up the tongue and jaw. It also helps keep the larynx in a stable position when pronouncing vowels and consonants.

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3. Humming. Humming is one of the best all-around vocal exercises. This technique helps stretch the vocal cords, relaxes your facial muscles, and improves breathing. Humming also develops your vocal resonance and tone quality.

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4. Do-Re-Do Scale. Once your voice is warmed up with basic humming, begin to warm up for pitch changes the scale and then back down.

5. C-Major Scale.