The tone will vary throughout your range. We want consistently beautiful tone throughout our whole range. This is why it’s so important to use vocal exercises that cover a wide range: so you’re not neglecting any portion of your range, and you’re regularly practising that coordination to keep a pretty consistent tone. Along with maintaining good breath support and adequate cord compression, a huge factor that’s often not intuitive for beginning singers is vowel modification.

Vowel modification is the changing sound of a vowel for a more beautiful tone. 

For example, the vowel Y in a word BABY  very often changed on AY  - BABAY

Listen to how it sounds!


! High notes require more space in the mouth for good and full resonance. This can be successfully achieved with a relaxed jaw.


Listen to the Sound "I" before and after modification

00:00 / 00:04
ING-Vs-ANGArtist Name
00:00 / 00:05
Sound "I" before and after modification.Artist Name
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2. Bright and Present Tone

3. Consistency Throughout Your Range

Exercise #1

Vowels across octave

У-О-И-Э-АArtist Name
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All right, singers! I hope that you had fun exploring some different sounds today. My hope is that you continue to stretch yourself so you become a more versatile singer. Maybe you’ve got one style that’s your favourite, and that’s what you sing the majority of the time. But I encourage you to not limit yourself, especially if you’re new to voice lessons and haven’t found your niche. Keep exploring and see what fits best!